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Testimonials and Reviews about our Chiropractic and Acupuncture Services in Schaumburg

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I highly recommend Dr. Hector Martinez at Tri Modern Health in Schaumburg.
    He explains exactly what you need to know to get better and heal...not to keep masking the problem and constantly going in for treatment.
    He provides videos on specific strengthening or stretching exercises if needed.
    I can trust the process and relax during the adjustment which can be challenging for me when I've gone to others."
  • ""Muy amable sinserá mente estoy bien agradecido con su atención....se los recomiendo..pueden tratar éste quirocpraptico""
  • "Dr. Martinez listens and designed a plan that treated me as a whole person. I've had a number of injuries and medical issues in the past, and I feel that Dr Martinez took every factor into account when planning my treatment. I feel heard when I have any questions or new concerns about my health. This is a rare gift in today's healthcare world. I feel lucky to have Dr. Martinez as my chiropractor."
  • "Dr. Hector Martinez is one of the best in the area. He is so knowledgeable, takes time for his patients, and really cares about helping others feel their very best. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez!"
    Aubrey C.
  • "I went to the prior chiropractor at this location for over 20 years and was so sad when he retired and feared I wouldn't find someone not only as good as he was but as kind and attentive. I am pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Martinez fits that bill and if I wasn't 65 yrs old, I would spend the next 20 some years with his practice."
    Lea G.
  • "I highly recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone looking for a total chiropractic solution. He takes the time to explain the process and he’s incredibly knowledgable and friendly. Not only does he provide adjustments but he also provides therapy solutions to assist in the recovery process. Great facility, plus it seems like everyone who goes there has a positive experience with favorable results."
    Eric L
  • "I have been going to Dr. Martinez since he started his practice in this location and have had him do chiropractic adjustments regularly as well as occasional acupuncture. I experience relief from pain through these visits and am able to do all the activities I want to do as a result. Dr. Martinez is focused on wellness and keeping his patients well. I really like that and prefer that to merely treating illness."
    Sonia S.
  • "I was nervous about finding a new chiropractor after having had to leave my previous chiropractor due to a move from the city to the suburbs but have been more than satisfied with Dr. Martinez as he has exceeded my expectations of a health care professional on numerous ways. Dr. Martinez has not only helped mobilize and stretch my back but has also designed routines of strengthening exercises (both core and upper body)
    and stretches to help me fully recover from a chronic back episodes to get me back on the ice playing hockey. Additionally, Dr, Martinez has helped me come up with a nutritional plan to help my body recover from intense workouts and has also helped connect me with other health care professionals in the suburbs to help me set up a new network. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez and have been very impressed by his knowledge of holistic medicine."
    Chris H.
  • "Dr. Martinez is patient, knowledgable and effective. He takes a holistic view of patient health and coaches through personalized plans focused on chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, physical therapy, and more. Great overall experience that has made a noticeable difference in just a few weeks."
    Geremy B.
  • "Dr. Martinez has been helping me with pregnancy mood/ anxiety issues using Accupuncture it has been amazing! It took 2 treatments to resolve most of the symptoms. Excellent facility and very professional."
    Sarah P.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Martinez since he opened his practice, about a year ago. This is a full service practice, from acupuncture , adjustments , wellness counseling to physical therapy . He has helped me significantly and has also taught me how my diet affects some of my pain. He listened to my concerns and helped me implement a nutrition and exercise plan to compliment my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez !!"
    Sheva W.
  • "I went to Tri Modern Health due to a strained lower back. Dr Martinez asked me about my health and life style, sporting activities, etc. He adjusted my back and gave me a series of exercises to strengthen my lower back and also to stretch it. I am feeling 100% better thanks to his excellent advice and experience !"
    Gerry D.
  • "Dr Martinez has greatly helped me with my ongoing lower back pain and bad hip replacement pain. He has help me, through adjustment and healthy vitamin's, reduce medications I've been taking for years. He's not a dr who only does thing just one way. If he sees that one method does work he'll try other ways till you get the relief needed."
    John I.
  • "Dr. Martinez is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. He listens and goes the extra mile to make sure you get the right treatment for your pain. He will sit with you and answer all your questions and concerns to make sure you feel comfortable. He is very educated and is very good at when he does! He looks at your health as a whole and comes up with a treatment plan that will help you overall and keep you healthy. I’ve learned so much from him and watched him help so many people. Highly recommend Dr. Martinez!!"
    Sarah E.
  • "Dr. Martinez saved me after I spent weeks trying to deny that I was struggling with back pain. I let it get to the point where I couldn't sit or walk upright. Very last minute and in tons of pain, I called Dr. Martinez to get an appointment. He went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he ensure that I was seen immediately, but he also realized and treated my issue right away. I felt so comfortable, respected and safe working with Dr. Martinez. His honest, approachable personality made asking for help, which is pretty hard for me at times, easy. Thank you, Dr. Martinez. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I know."
    Shannon G.
  • "Dr Martinez has helped me alot with my Lower back pain as well as some other areas. He also gives advice about lifestyle and excercises. He's always open to questions and tries to make you feel comfortable all the time."
    Lerrin J.
  • "I've had Dr. Martinez helping out on my alignment and adjustments for a long time now. Dr. Martinez is knowledgable, relatable, and most importantly excellent at what he does. I wouldn't have the mobility and freedom I do today without his help. Thanks Dr. Martinez for all you do - you've found a patient for life, and I'll be sharing your information with as many people as I can!"
    Sean M.
  • "Dr Martinez is great with my three year old son. Chiropractic adjustment helped dramatically with my son's chronic ear infections!"
    Beth H.
  • "Dr Martinez is the best at what he does, and what he does is very nice. He does what he has to, to help his patient's ailments. I recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone with neck, back or joint pain. I give him 5 spinal manipulations out of 5."
    Dale H.
  • "Very happy with the service and friendliness of the staff all around. If it were not for a move out of state I'd be a patient for years to come. Dr. Martinez even helped me locate a new chiropractor after my move. I'd highly recommend Dr. Martinez and his staff for those in need of a skilled chiropractor!"
  • "Dr Martinez is very knowledgeable. He is passionate at what he's doing and takes great care of patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinez."
    Phung V.


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