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  • Dr.
    Hector Martinez, DC

    My name is Dr. Hector Martinez. I am the main chiropractor at Tri Modern Health .

    You may also learn more about Dr. Martinez by CLICKING HERE. 

    Favorite hobbies: I enjoy running and  I have completed several marathons, half marathons, and have recently started to train for 5K and 10K races. I enjoy working with runners and athletes using Chiropractic care. 

    Favorite Thing about being a Chiropractor: A Love of Learning

    I love to learn and through my Chiropractic career have taken numerous seminars and certifications that included: 

    Acupuncture, Functional Rehabilitation, Chiropractic care for pregnancy and families, Mckenzie Therapy, and Kinesiology tape

    Experience as a Chiropractor

    I have had the privileged to work alongside other seasoned and veteran Chiropractors (including Dr. Richard Altieri) which has expanded my knowledge of Chiropractic techniques which include: 

    • Activator Method Chiropractic Technique 
    • Arthrostim Adjusting
    • Gonstead Technique
    • Webster Technique
    • Integrator
    • Flexion Distraction
    • Diversified Technique
    • Toggle Recoil 
    • Thompson Drop 
    • Prenatal Chiropractic 
    • Pediatric Chiropractic

    Learn more about me professionally below.

    Retirement of Dr. Richard Altieri

    I recently took over the practice of Dr. Richard Altieri in Hoffman Estates, IL. Formerly known as Altieri Chiropractic Clinic. If you are a former patient of Dr. Altieri welcome we look forward to meeting you!

    My focus as a chiropractor is on helping support my patients and their families to lead healthier lives.

    Through various hands on and gentle Chiropractic treatments we are able to support your bodies healing process and goals.

    More about our office and why we are different:

    In addition, we have various care options to support your Chiropractic goals including Acupuncture, Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and Physical Therapy, Kinesiology Tape
    and Mckenzie Therapy.

    Please see the Services section for more information. 

    We can also help you with extremity issues that involve joints in the shoulder, hands, knees, ankles and feet. We achieve this by performing chiropractic adjustments to the extremities when necessary and many times will include other therapies described above.

    Prenatal Chiropractor in Hoffman Estates - Webster Certified

    I am Webster certified through the ICPA through the ICPA . The ICPA is an organization that provides training for Chiropractors to help provide care for the entire family including kids, babies, infants and of course moms and dads. Personally, I have over 7 years experience offering Chiropractic care for kids, babies, and infants. Please go to our page on Chiropractic during pregnacy to learn more about our Prenatal care in Schaumburg.  

    Quiropractico Que Habla Espanol en Hoffman Estates

    I also speak fluent Spanish.  If you are looking for a Spanish speaking Chiropractor in Hoffman Estates or near Hoffman Estates give us a call at (847) 884-8488 or click here  to learn more. 

    To learn more about common conditions we treat and/or our services please go to the Services section of our website. Please call (847) 884-8488 to learn more. 

    I look forward to meeting you. 

    Yours in Health and Wellness, 

    Dr. Hector Martinez, DC

  • Dr. Richard Altieri - RETIRED

    Dr. Richard Altieri recently retired. 

    Hello. Dr. Altieri retired in 2017. Dr. Richard Altieri is enjoying his retirement and welcomes Dr. Hector Martinez. Altieri Chiropractic is now Tri Modern Health . Dr. Hector Martinez is here to serve all current and former patients of Dr. Altieri.  

    Please call (847) 884-8488 to learn more

    We look forward to meeting you. 

    A letter from Dr. Richard Altieri who is now enjoying his retirement after 46 years of serving his patients.

    To my Most Appreciated Patients;

    As you can imagine, this letter is very hard for me to send out. After 46 years practicing Chiropractic here in  Hoffman Estates, I must advise you that I am retiring from practice. This is very hard for me because I dearly appreciate all of you. Time has come for the new guard to take over. After years of waiting and interviewing and training of young Chiropractors, I have found an able replacement for you to consider. Dr. Hector Martinez is going to take over the practice on October 6, 2017. He has been in practice for 7 years in this area and is a good chiropractor & a good adjuster. This is most important in this atmosphere in chiropractic to offer many other services; but not adequate manipulation. I can definitely recommend that you continue treatment with Dr. Martinez and give him a chance to continue the quest for good health that we have shared in the past.

    There are many emotions that are swirling around my head with this change of the guard; rest assured that Dr. Martinez will strive to help you as I have in the past. I feel better knowing that Dr. Martinez is on the job. I will never forget all the wonderful patients that I have met over the last 46 years and will truly miss the wonderful conversations and interactions with all of you. I thank you profusely for letting me help you stay healthy over the past years.

    All your records will be maintained by Dr Martinez at this office and he will be most happy to review your case at any time. Please continue your care to help you stay in good health. If you have any questions, Amy will be in the office helping Dr. Martinez for a few months & then she will transfer over to loving Grandmother.

    I am so blessed to have met all of you and glad I was able to help in any way.


    Dr . Richard N. Altieri, DC


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