Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Chiropractors and Chiropractic care in Schaumburg

Q: Why is there a popping sound when a joint is adjusted during a Chiropractic adjustment?

A: Adjustment (or manipulation) of a joint may result in the release of a gas bubble between the joints, which makes a popping sound. The same thing occurs when you “crack” your knuckles. The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint, which results in gas bubbles being released. There is usually minimal, if any, discomfort involved. 

Q: What type of education and training do chiropractors have?

A: Doctors of chiropracticare educated as primary-contact health care providers, with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the musculoskeletal system (the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine and extremities) and the nerves that supply them. Educational requirements for doctors of chiropractic are among the most stringent of any of the health care professions. The typical applicant for chiropractic college has already acquired nearly four years of pre-medical undergraduate college education, including courses in biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, psychology and related lab work. Once accepted into an accredited chiropractic college, the requirements become even more demanding — four to five academic years of professional study are the standard. Doctors of chiropractic are educated in orthopedics, neurology, physiology, human anatomy, clinical diagnosis including laboratory procedures, diagnostic imaging, exercise, nutrition rehabilitation and more. Because chiropractic care includes highly skilled manipulation/adjusting techniques, a significant portion of time is spent in clinical technique training to master these important manipulative procedures. In total, the chiropractic college curriculum includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical experience. The course of study is approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education, an accrediting agency that is fully recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Q: Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from an Medical Doctor?

A: A referral is usually not needed to see a doctor of chiropractic (DC); however, your health plan may have specific referral requirements. Please contact our office during normal business hours if you have any questions. Most plans allow you to just call and schedule an appointment with a DC without a referral from a Medical Doctor. 

Q: Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

A: Yes, children can benefit from chiropractic care. Children are very physically active and experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living as well as from participating in sports. Injuries such as these may cause many symptoms including back and neck pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort. Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient. It is a highly skilled treatment, and in the case of children, very gentle.

Q: How is a chiropractic adjustment performed?

A: Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a manual procedure that utilizes the highly refined skills developed during the doctor of chiropractic’s intensive years of chiropractic education. The chiropractic physician typically uses his or her hands--or an instrument--to manipulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to restore or enhance joint function. This often helps resolve joint inflammation and reduces the patient's pain. Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adapts the procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their symptoms immediately following treatment. 

In our office we utilize an instrument called the activator to manipulate the joints in the body. We also utilize a variety of gentle techniques using our hands to help restore motion in the spine and extremities. 

Q: Can Chiropractic Care help me while I'm pregnant? 

The short answer is yes. Chiropractors that have been trained to work with pregnant women may use tables that adjust for a pregnant woman’s body, and they will use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen.

A chiropractor who is trained in the needs of women who are pregnant will also provide you with exercises and stretches that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Q: What is the Webster Technique? 

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is vital to the normal physiological function of both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy and birth. More women and birth providers are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care in pregnancy and recognize this area of expertise through Webster Certification. 

  • This is a chiropractic treatment that is well known in helping provide back pain relief that may occur during pregnancy.
  • The treatment involves a GENTLE Chiropractic adjustment that helps to balance the lower back regions known as the Sacrum, Pelvis (including Sacroiliac Joints) and the lumbar region.
  • Sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia), caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby mal-presentation. Correction of sacral subluxation may have a positive effect on all of these causes of dystocia.
  • In our office we also use various muscle rehab techniques to not only balance the sacrum and pelvis but also the surrounding muscles. 
  • Balancing the pelvis, sacrum and surrounding muscles may improve uterine function which may improve the ability of the baby to move into a more desirable position for birth. This adjustment involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is very comfortable and extremely safe. There have been numerous case reports examining this clinical outcome.
  • Because we can help balance the pelvis, sacrum, and muscles and joints on the lower back the Webster technique may be used on anyone. It is NOT only for pregnancy related back pain

Q: Do Chiropractors turn breech babies? 

Please read carefully. While chiropractors can't turn breech babies, what they can do is adjust a mother's spine and pelvis back into a proper balance, reestablishing normal function. Balancing the pelvis, sacrum and surrounding muscles may improve uterine function which may improve the ability of the baby to move into a more desirable position for birth. This adjustment involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is very comfortable and extremely safe. There have been numerous case reports examining this clinical outcome. 

Q: Can chiropractors help me with sciatica and headaches? 

Chiropractors are trained to help patients that have sciatica, tension headaches and migraine headaches. Please click on these links to learn more about sciatica help or headache relief

Questions about Acupuncture Treatment in Schaumburg

What does acupuncture do? 

The goal of Acupuncture is to understand the patterns of disease of the individual at the time of examination. During your initial visit we will assess your physical condition, by identifying symptoms, uncovering your medical history and any external factors that may impact your health and well-being, through an extended interview. 

Small needles are inserted into the top layer of the skin in order to restore balance, decrease pain, and promote health within the body.  Restoration occurs by allowing the body's natural energy, "Qi," to flow freely.  With stimulation of specific acupuncture points in the skin, energy flows, allowing the body to heal faster.  In Western medicine, the needles are seen as an external stimulus that the body responds to by increasing blood flow to an area.  The blood transports oxygen, nutrients, and other biochemicals to increase healing in the body.   This therapy works in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to help treat musculoskeletal and other conditions. 

What is a typical acupuncture session like? 

Our Acupuncture treatment room is warm and inviting with soothing music and relaxing essential oils. For patients that want a different alternative to acupuncture needles our office does offer other options that stimulate acupuncture points without the use of needles. Please call our office to learn more about acupuncture and to discover if it's right for you. 

What kind of conditions is acupuncture beneficial for?

  • Headaches (Migraines and Tension Headaches)
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Insomnia and/or Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues
  • Infertility
  • Menopause Symptoms (hot flashes)
  • Joint Pain (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain)

Here are a few Testimonials about our Acupuncture services: 

Sarah P. 

"Dr. Martinez has been helping me with pregnancy mood/ anxiety issues using Acupuncture it has been amazing! It took 2 treatments to resolve most of the symptoms. Excellent facility and very professional."

Sheva W. 

"I have been going to Dr. Martinez since he opened his practice, about a year ago. This is a full service practice, from acupuncture , adjustments , wellness counseling to physical therapy . He has helped me significantly and has also taught me how my diet affects some of my pain. He listened to my concerns and helped me implement a nutrition and exercise plan to compliment my treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez !!"


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